Sunday, March 19, 2017

St, Patrick's day fun!

Our class had such a fun day together on Friday. When we got to school, we discovered that some sneaky leprechauns had visited our classroom. There were tiny green footprints all over, green water in the toilet, chairs knocked over, and some of our supplies spilled all over the tables. We found little shamrock notes that read  - he, he, he...

Our leprechaun trap - we found some gold coins left behind.

Checking out the trap - is there a leprechaun in there?

The classroom in the morning...

We then went to PE, where we made parachute igloos - the rain bow parachute is a perfect backdrop for St. Patrick's day.

Lining up for lunch wearing our festive hats.

Our fun leprechaun hats and green beaded necklaces.

We played a few rounds of "hot potato" after reading the book Jamie O'Rourke and the Giant Potato. We had so much fun and used great sportsmanship skills.

We are working on our listening skills and following directions, We practiced using these skills while doing a guided drawing of a leprechaun. My completed work is on the right. I drew this step by step on the board and they created their own version based on my directions. They came out awesome! We were all proud of our work.

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