Saturday, April 22, 2017

Field trip to the Echo Center

Despite the cloudy and windy weather, we had a wonderful trip to the Echo Center on the Burlington waterfront. We truly enjoyed the Butterflies Live! exhibit. There were so many different kinds of butterflies and many of us had some new friends land on us. We spent a lot of time exploring Champ Lane which is an interactive science discovery center for kids that are our age. What fun!
Again, thanks to all of the chaperones.

Our Publishing Party

Wow! We had so many visitors in our room to read our how-to books. We really enjoyed sharing our work and hearing what was written on our compliments page. Thanks to all of the parents that joined us and listened to many books.

Pinwheels with Mrs. Haddock

Mrs. Haddock brought us a surprise this week! After she read us the book When the Wind Stops, she told us to close our eyes. When we opened them, there was a pinwheel for each of us. We talked about trying out different ways to get the pinwheel to move - we tried blowing upside down, from the side, the top, dancing and waving our arms.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


On Friday afternoon, we enjoyed the play Rats! that was put on by some very talented 4th, 5th and 6th graders. We were so excited to see some of our big partners on stage!

Rechenka's Eggs

Mrs. Haddock visited us on Wednesday. She read a favorie book called Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Pollacco. Mrs. Haddock brought in some sample eggs for us to see - real goose and emu eggs that were hollowed out and painted.

After the story, we set up a science experiment to see what would happen to an egg that sits overnight in vinegar? We checked in on Thursday and the egg was covered with bubbles and was floating. We let it sit one more day and then noticed that the shell was gone! we all enjoyed feeling the egg - it was slimy and bounced a little bit. It also grew in size!

Four Winds - wind and clouds

On Wednesday, we had Four Winds with Mrs. Corrigan and Ms. Maura.  This month's topic was wind and clouds. We watched a puppet show and then made a cloud chart so we can remember three types of clouds - stratus, cumulus and cirrus. Then we got to go outside to figure out which way the wind as blowing using compass directions and bubbles! Our next activity was a highlight - Ms. Maura used a hair dryer and a pinwheel to move a caribiner clip up and down.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cookie celebration

We filled our button jar again and voted to make some chocolate chip cookies. This activity tied right in to our studies this week. We are learning about the ch digraph, such as in chocolate, and chip. We are also learning about tools used for measuring capacity such as measuring spoons and cups.
The cookies were delicious!

Big partners

Friday morning is big partners time. This week we began thinking about Easter. We made Easter eggs that had a surprise when you lift the flap - they turn into a bunny! They are on display in the hallway.

Staff vs. Students basketball game

Thursday afternoon was very exciting for us. We got to go to the staff vs, students basket ball to cheer Ms. Bre on. We made signs and cheered very loudly. It was a great time!