Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Today Ms. Maura came to visit to teach us how to play the Dreidel game. 

dreidel sides letters

a) Nun means “nisht” or “nothing.” The player does nothing.

b) Gimel  means “gantz” or “everything.” The player gets everything in the pot.

c) Hey means “halb” or “half.” The player gets half of the pot. (If there is an odd number of pieces in the pot, the player takes half of the total plus one).

d) Shin (outside of Israel) means “shtel” or “put in.” Peh (in Israel) also means “put in.” The player adds a game piece to the pot.

5. If you find that you have no game pieces left, you are either “out” or may ask a fellow player for a “loan.”

6. When one person has won everything, that round of the game is over!

Next, we opened our gifts. Ms. Raymond loved all of the thoughtful and generous gifts! Thank you! 

The kids loved their Gingerbread bears and books! 

Our attempt at a class selfie! 

Graphing our tree brownie snacks and "grinch kabobs". 

We had a great day together. Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a wonderful Winter break! 


We spent some time today getting ready for the holidays! We painted gift bags, made cards for special teachers and our big partners and then wrapped all our gifts. 

Mrs. Jarvis shared her puppets with us at choice time. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Kindergarten holiday crafts

We had an awesome time making holiday gifts for our families. 
In our class, we used ABAB patterns to make beaded candy cane ornaments. 

Pattern block holiday puzzles

We had so much fun this morning using pattern blocks to make holiday designs. We were so proud of our creations and really know the names of our shapes now!! 

Kindergarten team morning meeting

The whole Kindergarten team joined us in our classroom to have a gingerbread themed morning meeting. We used stuffed gingerbread men to greet each other, sang our gingerbread songs and played Hidey Gingey. It was so much fun! 

Friday, December 16, 2016

A gingerbread kind of day

We had a very busy gingerbread kind of day. 

We began our day with our big partners and decorated our gingerbread cookies together. Yum! 

Then, we got to try some ginger tea that Ms. Casry's class made with Ms. Laura. Most of us liked it. 

After lunch, we got a letter from the gingerbread man who sent us on a fun hunt around the school. 

We visited the gym to find our first clue. 

Then we had to go to look in the office and Mrs. Utter gave us the next clue. Mr. Hamel had a clue for us in the music room too!

Nurse Betty and Bertha had clues for us too! 
All of the clues led us back to our classroom where we found a treat was left for us by the gingerbread man. 

We finished our day by performing at the Celebration of learning assembly. Oh, we made these cool gingerbread hats too! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gingerbread house is done!

We finished decorating the gingerbread house. We are ready for a visit from the gingerbread man.

Making gingerbread cookies

Today, Bertha visited our classroom to teach us how to make gingerbread cookies. We decided that the molasses and ginger do not smell so good.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We are Gingerbread crazy!

On Monday, we got a letter from the gingerbread man! It was so exciting. 

Today, we brainstormed ideas and wrote a letter back to him. Ms. Raymond mailed it today. 

At choice time, some friends started working on his house. 

Cobweb Christmas

Today is Wednesday, which means that Mrs. Haddock reads to us. Today she read Cobweb Christmas. 

This is a wonderful story about Tante (Aunt) which is set in Germany. We learn the origin of putting tinsel on the Christmas tree. 

Mrs. Haddock had so many things in her suitcase this week. She had Yante, her animals, a gingerbread man and even shoes for Kris Kringle to leave treats in.

Then we all got to add some tinsel to the little tree. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Our button celebration!

We filled out button jar again! We voted to watch a movie and eat some popcorn. Yum! We also voted on the movie and the winner was Santa Buddies. 

First, we had to make popcorn. Ms. Raymond brought in her hot air popper and we learned how popcorn pops - a drop of water in the kernel heats up and pops! So exciting! 

Then, we set up our movie theater and settled in to watch.