Saturday, March 25, 2017

Big Partners

Our most recent visit with our big partners was very exciting. They brought Chrome books to our classroom and taught us how to type, change fonts and sizes. This was a really fun activity!

Four Winds - the water cycle

Four Winds for the month of March was all about water and the water cycle. We enjoyed a puppet show and then did some cool experiments. We races water drops through a maze with a toothpick and counted to see how many water drops can fit on a penny before they spill off. Then we did an experiment to see if water can travel through a paper towel from one cup to another.

How to... make a pizza

This week, we began exploring a new genre of writing - how-to. We read the book Pizza Pat that showed us step by step how to make a pizza. We practiced putting these steps in order and then tried them for ourselves using construction paper to make our very own pizza. Then we each created our very first informational text called "How to make a pizza". These will soon be displayed in the hallway.

A guest math teacher

On Monday, we had a guest math teacher named Mr. TJ. He is a representative from the Bridges Math program and taught our Number Corner lesson for the day. The class was super engaged and responsive.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

St, Patrick's day fun!

Our class had such a fun day together on Friday. When we got to school, we discovered that some sneaky leprechauns had visited our classroom. There were tiny green footprints all over, green water in the toilet, chairs knocked over, and some of our supplies spilled all over the tables. We found little shamrock notes that read  - he, he, he...

Our leprechaun trap - we found some gold coins left behind.

Checking out the trap - is there a leprechaun in there?

The classroom in the morning...

We then went to PE, where we made parachute igloos - the rain bow parachute is a perfect backdrop for St. Patrick's day.

Lining up for lunch wearing our festive hats.

Our fun leprechaun hats and green beaded necklaces.

We played a few rounds of "hot potato" after reading the book Jamie O'Rourke and the Giant Potato. We had so much fun and used great sportsmanship skills.

We are working on our listening skills and following directions, We practiced using these skills while doing a guided drawing of a leprechaun. My completed work is on the right. I drew this step by step on the board and they created their own version based on my directions. They came out awesome! We were all proud of our work.

Monday, March 13, 2017

We were lucky to have Mrs. McEachen visit our classroom today. She read us 2 books - Morris Micklewhite and the tangerine dress and Oma and Bobo. Two great books with great messages. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Beach Party!

We chose to have a beach party to celebrate our full button jar!

What great fun we had!

We had special umbrella straws to drink our milk with at breakfast time. We spread our beach towels out on the rug to make one great big towel. We had a fun morning meeting using some small beach balls for our greeting. We all added something to our fun morning message to create a beach scene.

In the afternoon, we used our beach towels at our quiet rest time and then read some stories about the beach.

We divided into two groups to play some games. We played a bowling game. We discovered the beach balls were not heavy enough, so used our light up ball instead. Ms. Raymond forgot the coconut that we were supposed to use - oops!
 We also played a beach ball tossing game where we counted how many small beach balls we could get into a kiddie pool. Everyone got some in - it was great fun!

I loved how excited they were when a friend got a ball in the pool. They literally jumped with joy! 

Then we finished our celebration with a special snack. Yum!

Guest readers

We had some wonderful guest readers in our classroom this week.

On Monday, we had Phoebe Barash visit to read Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems and a favorite book Chrysanthemum.

We had our weekly visit from Mrs. Haddock on Wednesday. She read The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss. We did a fun activity with star stickers to act out part of the story. We love when Mrs. Haddock visits us.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

I love to read week - day 5

I love to read week - day 5

We began our day with a visit from our big partners. They each chose a book to read to us. Then we did an alphabet scavenger hunt. They had to find something in the classroom that began with each letter of the alphabet. This was a great activity to help us practice our letter sounds and initial sounds in words.

In the afternoon, we had a visit from a guest reader - Elin Melchior. She taught us a little about Japanese culture. We even learned how to say thank you - arigato. Today was 3 - 3 which meant it was a holiday in Japan, it is girl's day. She told us one story while showing us beautiful illustrations. Then we were able to purchase a piece of candy. Then she read us Tasty Baby Belly Buttons - a story about a girl born of a melon that fought the oni to rescue the babies.

At the end of the day, we attended the school wide assembly to celebrate reading. We shared our slide show about all of the wonderful reading we did throughout the week. Then we enjoyed a fun skit put on by the teachers - Green Eggs and Ham  - BES edition. What fun!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

I love to read week -day 4

Today was Dr. Seuss' birthday! 

We made some special rhyming hats to celebrate! 

We drew him some cakes! 

We created our very own silly characters. 

And we had a special snack. Lorax clementines, green eggs and ham, and hop on popcorn. Yum! 

I love to read week - Bobcat challenge!

Our Bobcat challenge was to read more at home and at school. To make it more fun at home, we had challenge coupons. On Monday, we read to a stuffed animal. On Tuesday, we read wearing a costume. Some parents even got in the spirit! On Wednesday, we read in a bathtub - minus the water of course. On Thursday we read by the light of a flashlight. We had so much fun and read so much. Enjoy the slideshow.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I love to read week - day 3

At choice time today, some friends had fun with Dr. Seuss photo booth props. So much fun! 

We also dropped everything to read and read Mr. Brown can moo and Fox on Socks.