Friday, March 10, 2017

Beach Party!

We chose to have a beach party to celebrate our full button jar!

What great fun we had!

We had special umbrella straws to drink our milk with at breakfast time. We spread our beach towels out on the rug to make one great big towel. We had a fun morning meeting using some small beach balls for our greeting. We all added something to our fun morning message to create a beach scene.

In the afternoon, we used our beach towels at our quiet rest time and then read some stories about the beach.

We divided into two groups to play some games. We played a bowling game. We discovered the beach balls were not heavy enough, so used our light up ball instead. Ms. Raymond forgot the coconut that we were supposed to use - oops!
 We also played a beach ball tossing game where we counted how many small beach balls we could get into a kiddie pool. Everyone got some in - it was great fun!

I loved how excited they were when a friend got a ball in the pool. They literally jumped with joy! 

Then we finished our celebration with a special snack. Yum!

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