Friday, December 16, 2016

A gingerbread kind of day

We had a very busy gingerbread kind of day. 

We began our day with our big partners and decorated our gingerbread cookies together. Yum! 

Then, we got to try some ginger tea that Ms. Casry's class made with Ms. Laura. Most of us liked it. 

After lunch, we got a letter from the gingerbread man who sent us on a fun hunt around the school. 

We visited the gym to find our first clue. 

Then we had to go to look in the office and Mrs. Utter gave us the next clue. Mr. Hamel had a clue for us in the music room too!

Nurse Betty and Bertha had clues for us too! 
All of the clues led us back to our classroom where we found a treat was left for us by the gingerbread man. 

We finished our day by performing at the Celebration of learning assembly. Oh, we made these cool gingerbread hats too! 

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