Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pulley, inclined planes and twin day!

We are continuing our study about forces and movement by learning about the six simple machines. On Monday we explored pulleys. We were very excited to lift things up to the ceiling  - we tried our stuffed animals, water bottles, markers and basically everything we could fit in the pail. We were very excited when Andrew set up a pulley system with two pulleys, then three pulleys, then four pulleys!

On Tuesday we did some explorations using inclined planes. We built our own using a piece of cardboard and two pieces of tape. I loved seeing the different ways kids chose to make their ramps. They were very creative and kept trying new arrangements. We tested them out with ping pong balls and toy cars.

It was twin day too! We made matching t-shirts on Monday to wear. We had to write our names 15 times!

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